When you hear your team say they are more productive working from home it means… Sorry, got interrupted…What was I thinking about? Yeah got it, focus. “Hey, has client made the partial payment?” “Whats the status of this bug?” “Quick question, Are we having the client call today?” “Is the issue resolved, the client called …

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Bundle of Sticks

Remember the fable about brothers trying to break a bundle of sticks. It is relevant in work place as well. Many years back I had an opportunity to work with different groups in same timeframe. Both were successful groups, had talented and hardworking folks in middle management. Both had tough work schedules and always were …

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When I was in high school, we moved and had to switch school. I was not studious and the new school had a very relaxed environment. Though my studies did not improve, my rank did. I told my friend from earlier studious school about this and mentioned there is not much competition. His immediate reply …

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