No Life Time Guarantee

It’s always weird when you think about something deeply and you wake up to see some related stuff.

Having witnessed someone with young family, pass away, out of the blue, couple of days back and my thoughts were consumed with the fragility of human life, how life can take an U turn in an instant for the immediate family and the concept of being in control of our life is such an illusion.

With these thoughts dominating my mind, woke up yesterday to the news of Kobe Bryant and his daughter passing away in a crash.

Never a basket ball fan, but used to watch his matches long back. Sometimes certain player’s brilliance make you watch a sport you are not a fan of.

There were other folks also who lost lives from the helicopter crash. And there are so many others who pass away unexpectedly everyday.

They are mourned by near and dear. The immediate family is devastated irrespective of someone is a celebrity or not.

Life moves on for the rest of us. We continue with our little endeavours and are consumed by our little problems.

It makes me wonder, if we have this awareness that life can stop or get impacted anytime, Would it make us to

  • Appreciate the time we have better?
  • Prioritise things that matter?
  • Stop worrying and being consumed by things that are actually insignificant?