How much time should you work everyday?

👨‍💻When you start career in technology, tech is be-all and end-all. And most time is spent on that.

👩‍💼As you get to see them as business problems, Tech becomes one of the areas.

You continue with the new perspective.

When focusing on tech, still your scope increases tech strategy, hiring, grooming, tech vendors and so on

When you broaden your skills you get to work with other functions, clients, operations and so on

Either way the time spent on tech comes down and other activities takes some pie.

👨‍🔧If we take adult life, career is everything and with time, we get to see other aspects.

🏄‍♂️ Could be family, personal growth, spiritual progress, health issues, travel, hobbies

We can focus on the career as before and spend less time on other things or the other way.

⏳Whatever we choose there is a minimum commitment that need to be met for each.

When we are clear what we want out of life rather than out of career, it becomes easier to allocate time accordingly.

☹️ What never works is comparing with how others spend time. There is no bench mark and priorities change with time.

😎Making peace with that helps in charting out your own path.