Rain and Recurring Issues

If there is a recurring problem in an organisation, it means either the leaders do not see it as a problem or it is not important enough or they are apathetic. Like Chennai and rains.

Chennai(and other costal TN regions), which has water shortage throughout the year, loves rain, as long as it is a slight drizzle. Anything more means inundated localities, power cuts, bad roads turning worse, loss of livelihood, and submerged crops.

Everyone knows the problem, the impact and yet like clock work, during monsoon season, it is photo op for current leaders and blaming the previous set of leaders.

One could be proactive and use the entire year to fix it. Or just be reactive and continue working after rains and complete the work. Else like a beautiful loop without an exit condition, just show up during crisis, show some “empathy”, do some emergency work and say sayonara.

Something to introspect every now and then, What is the recurring issue that you / your organisation is putting off and why?