What To Do When Your Team Is Not Performing ?

When things do not pan out well, one of the excuses is about non performing team. You could hear something on the lines, 

The team was not good enough

We did not have A players

Wish the team was mature enough to handle the complex task

The team did not take any responsibility

The team was not skilled enough

Hold the phone there , what if it is not an excuse

Alright, sometimes team can be bad. But saying that as a reason for failure would still be an excuse. The question is what were you doing about it. 

Let’s say we write a program to do some complex task. The end result does not look good and fails miserably. Blaming the program does not make any sense. The program did what it was written to do. Expecting any thing different would not be right. It was written to fail and it exactly did that. 

Now if we had to make it work, we would have to traverse back till we could find where did we miss out. It could go any where from test environment, design to all the way till architecture, selecting the right tools to getting clarity on the requirements and use case.

We need to do same with the team. We need to figure out what and where did things start to go wrong. Only when we do that and be prepared to traverse all the way back, the next task would be successful. Till then no matter what we do, we would be looking at wrong place to solve the problem.

Here are some pointers,