Are you God or a priest?

There is a Tamil saying – Sometimes God is ready to give but the priest denies.

This is relevant in so many places.

The decision maker would be so humble and easy to meet and talk to but the assistant / manager would be creating a big fuss.

In corporates, sometimes employees on-site create an illusion and put lot of stress but in reality the client would not be so demanding.

In offices, some managers can easily get worked up and create a scene but it could totally be a non issue for higher ups / clients .

When these things happen, the person who is denying someone an opportunity or creating unnecessary problems does not realise they are going to be a priest forever.

Only if their attitude changes they can grow, else they will always be gate keepers doing injustice to both people who seek them and people whom they serve.

If it is the other way, when they are genuinely interested in helping others, they are getting one step closer to becoming God.

We are priests in some scenarios and God in others. While being a priest we need to be a facilitator and while being a God we need to make sure there are no rogue priests serving us.

And as seekers, we might still have to deal with priests, so chin up and be persistent.