Indie Corporates and Mainstream Startups

One of the aspects that has divided the cinema community is leaning towards either of commercial or Indie movies.

Commercial movies are widely popular and does entertain. Also sells pop corns and sodas. There is a formula, budget and target audience. If it does not click in box office, it is a failure.

Indie cinemas run on passion of the film makers. Usually has lot of constraints. If well received still might not make money but wins hearts of passionate film buffs and some critics. Mostly does rounds in the film festivals.

Now some on each side do not like the other category. Pure fans swear by their preferred category. For commercial audience, indie is not entertaining. For indie folks, commercial is not an art form, there is no soul.

Startup and corporate has similar division. Some startup folks belittle corporate culture and corporate do not take startups seriously.

But does it really need to be so divided?

There are formula films that bomb and indie films that do not touch fans and critics. For both, the success is not guaranteed. It stills needs good directors to do justice to whatever segment they cater to. And there are very few of them who make both the audiences go wild with the same movie.

It is same for corporates and startups. Each have their advantages and segments. It is easy to discount the contribution each offers to the overall ecosystem. There are many poorly run startups and inefficient corporates. Again there are no guarantees. Good leaders are needed at both the places to make it successful.

Sometimes commercial cinema is used to make money which fuels some indie movies. Some Directors and Actors do that. Also working for small films gives some good exposure to make it to commercial movies.

There are so many from corporates who start something with their backup and experience gained. And some folks move from startup to corporate using the knowledge gained.

So when people move between these two and enjoy the gains, who is to say what sucks and what does not.

I like watching well made action movies as much as I like good indie films made in shoe string budget but with a larger heart and soul.

When we generalise something, aren’t we missing on some good stuff as well.

Even if we lean towards one over the other, the problem is looking at both with the same lens.

Commercial movies need to be viewed within that scope. When critics look at it as something else, it does not make sense. Same for indie movies. When some are criticised for not being mainstream enough to make money, it is missing the point.

When someone is critical about corporates or startups, I take them with a pinch of salt.

They both have their own purpose and role. Sometimes over time startups become corporates themselves and corporates try to become more nimble.

Looking at how they do what they do is better than generalising over segments.