Blow Hot Blow Cold and I am Out

Throughout my career I always felt comfortable with leaders who were mostly consistent in how they respond to different situations.

To an extent you know how they will handle a situation and that eliminated lot of uncertainty.

Only when leaders are blow hot blow cold type it becomes very difficult. And most of the times they do not know they oscillate between extremes and the issues it causes.

So how to know if you are being consistent or not,

  • 😀😡Your team checks on your mood with someone before coming to meet you.
  • 🤔They need to do some predictions before meeting you, how you respond may depend on the previous meeting you had.
  • 😕They are apprehensive bringing up anything new
  • 😳 They react surprised by your response on any updates
  • 😅They have a sign of relief when meeting goes through without any major incidents
  • 🤫 They are reluctant to convey any negative news. The news is conveyed as late as possible
  • 🤥 Sometimes updates are covered up or sugar coated for the fear of being rebuked

We are not robots, it is natural for us to react emotionally to situations.

But there need to be an acceptable boundary we can never cross.

Asking your team / HR on the perception of your behaviour goes a long way to better yourself.