The leaders I fondly remember have been ones who value time of others as much as they value their own time.

Here are some common scenarios I have seen leaders make time to ensure other person does not have to wait.

👨‍💼 Approval / Rejection for requests by employees / vendors on time – They did not wait till last minute after multiple reminders

🤝 Meeting team, vendors, partners, people asking for help on agreed time – The status / pay grade of the other person did not matter

😠 Having unpleasant conversation – They do not postpone the inevitable. Emotion of the meeting did not impact their punctuality

⛓ Priority to Dependency – If other person / team has a dependency, those activities were done immediately.

🎯 Keeping things straight forward – They did not beat around the bush instead they were clear and to the point.

🙏 When they are late, they apologised genuinely and made sure it did not happen again.

Leaders are no different from others. They have their own pressing tasks and agendas. But the difference is that responding to others is also part of their priority tasks.

They realise that making someone wait does not make one superior, in fact it is the other way round.