Treat Your Prospects as Children

In Sales 101, you are told one should always treat prospects as adults. Meaning, you should not criticise their past decisions, do not try to make decisions on their behalf and so on. But in certain aspects, I feel, one should treat their prospects as children πŸ‘Ά.

πŸ’― Children don’t like it when you are not attentive. If one does not give 100% to prospects, one can as well pack up and leave.

πŸ†— Children can easily make out when you see “yes” only to pacify them. Wrong commitments, Yes Boss attitude may give another appointment but one would lose their relationship and trust with their prospects.

πŸ€”Children do not care about the first why. They ask few more whys after that. The first why of the product / service is least important. The actual value comes when we go deeper. Communicating this clearly gives a better picture.

⏰ It takes time for children to start trusting someone. Patience is the key while talking with prospects. Best way is to approach each interaction as strengthening the relationship rather than as closing the sale.

🎾⚽️ Each child is unique. They like different games and different approaches. Each prospect is unique. There is no one size fits all approach.

πŸ™ Children teach us new things about ourselves. Prospects do the same as well.

So go ahead, treat your prospects as children and prosper.