Success Equation

Success Equation i– && u++ 👨‍💼When a sales person talks about how great their product, company, platform we get bored and just want the meeting to end. We want to know how the product can help us rather than product itself. 🙋‍♂️When an employee needs help and boss keeps talking about himself and his point …

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Catastrophic Failure

Writings been on the wall, but have been looking at the wrong wall. Catastrophic failure need not be at wework level. It happens in companies of all sizes in terms of projects, programs, small ventures, initiatives as well. But sometimes what is common among those failures is they were anticipated by most except the leader …

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Ask and ye shall receive.

There is nothing more unsettling than seeing a doctor being unsure about diagnosis but proceeding with a treatment. Like any other profession, doctors also have a learning curve. And experienced nurse staff know more on certain aspects than new doctors. This is one reason there is huge crowd to see main doctor than duty doctors …

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